Getting To Know Steve

Texas born finger-style guitarist, Steve DeVries, has developed his own warmly passionate and personal style of playing — igniting elements of strong neoclassical techniques bred to true thumb-style flare. He displays a remarkable gift for improvisation, composing and melodic grace.

Steve discovered the guitar at the age of 12 and started playing bass in his father’s country & western band, along with his piano-playing mother. Although self-taught as a guitarist, he received formal music training in college and enjoys success as a composer, performer and teacher. While in his teens, Steve began to experiment in different styles of music other than the traditional country he was raised on. By the age of 15, he was performing on guitar, bass and banjo. By the age of 22, Steve was an accomplished musician, studying theory, composition and touring throughout the United States and Canada.

A highly sought after sideman, Steve enhances the quality of any music he touches through his accomplished techniques, sensitivity and diverse musical savvy.

After years of teaching, performing and recording for other musicians, Steve released Steve DeVries, Guitarist, a classically flavored collection of melodies from the Beatles to Zepplin to Fernando Sor, displaying his classical guitar prowess.

Stories Without Words, Steve’s second release, introduced the listener to his original compositions performed on the steel string acoustic guitar. This solo instrument work was recorded in Steve’s own eclectic style.

Horizons has a wee bit more Celtic feel than Stories Without Words. However, he still exhibits the strong roots finger-style playing that marries a true guitarist to the heart, soul and passion of a poet.

Odes, Myths and Lies, released in April 2010, flows with honesty, haunting melodies and humor. This recording evidences Steve’s growth as a composer, player and performer. The artistry, insight and raw emotion demonstrate the purity of his passion.

Steve enjoys uncommon success and acceptance in the acoustic music community. He has performed in Texas cities such as Tyler, Jacksonville, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Waco, Houston and Austin. Additionally, Steve has performed in Virginia, West Virginia, California, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, North & South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Montana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma — as well as Canada and England!

Steve has been a featured performer and master class instructor at numerous musical festivals, including National Public Radio’s “Americana Music Festival” in Nacogdoches, TX, Winnsboro’s “Folk Festival” and Tyler’s “Mud Creek Music Festival.” He has also been a three-time featured performer on NPR’s Red River Radio show.

With his relaxed stage presence, sense of humor and passionate playing style, Steve wins over many critical listeners. These traits make him well-liked in his favorite venue — home concerts. Steve proudly participates in the “For Guitar Lovers Only” concert series with fellow musicians throughout the United States.

In 2009, Steve teamed with longtime friend Danny Brevard of Acoustic Pro Musician (APM) to video showcase over 100 handmade guitars. Recently, he agreed to record additional videos for APM. The new videos are currently available on the APM web site. You can also view APM videos featuring Steve on YouTube.

Steve’s music is featured on Kent Everett’s (luthier extraordinaire) DVD series. Three of his melodies were featured in the documentary Voices of the Shenandoah, created by The Downstream Project. In August 2009, Steve’s song, Irish Tequila, was nominated for solo guitar song of the year by the international music organization Just Plain Folks. Recently, Robbie O’Brien (O’Brien Guitars) began featuring Steve’s music in his “Tips de Jour”  YouTube video series.

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